Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips 60g
Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips 60g

Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips 60g

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Wheatgrass, spirulina and wasabi team up to bring you a force to be reckoned with! Slightly sour, green and mean, our wasabi wheatgrass kale chips have a subtle kick that’ll tingle your tastebuds!

We use only fresh, organic Kale in our chips. When air dried at low temperatures, the flavour and nutrients in the kale are locked in! All our chips are lovingly hand coated and slowly dehydrated for many hours. 

Ingredients: Curly Kale* (54%), Sunflower Seeds*, Cashew Nuts* (16%), Himalayan Crystal Salt, Horseradish Powder*, Wheatgrass*(1%), Mustard Powder*, Cayenne Pepper*, Spirulina Powder*,  Wasabi* (0.1%). (*organic)

Allergens highlighted in bold.
Packed in a modified atmosphere. 

per 30g per 60g per 100g
Energy 633kJ/ 153kcal 1266kJ/ 305kcal 2110kJ/ 509kcal
Fat 11g 22g 37g
of which saturates 1.9g 3.9g 6.4g
Carbohydrates 3.7g 7.3g 12g
of which sugars 1.7g 3.5g 5.8g
Fibre 4.9g 9.8g 16g
Protein 6.9g 14g 23g
Salt 0.86g 1.7g 2.9g